If you are about to, or have recently, set up your own business, or are not sure about aspects of your business arrangements, then this could be one of the most important letters you read all year.

And, if you are already running your own successful business, how do you check if your accountant is giving you the right information - many consider managing the business efficiently to be your responsibility, not theirs.

Avoid being one of the 90% of businesses that fail. Most new marketers spend their time focusing on the product, the marketing, all the sexy stuff . . . but then it all falls over because the basic business structure isn’t in place.

Discover how to simply structure your business and your earnings in a way that enables you to optimise what profits you keep, and deliberately minimise the taxman’s slice.

Get your step by step blueprint to deciding how to set up your business the right way.

Make sure your business is built for the long term, not just for the present.

Understand what information you need to disclose to the public, and what information you can keep private.

We’ve all heard about, or know, someone who has succeeded in life by quitting their boring existence and becoming their own boss, often using their own computer, in the comfort and ease of their own home, and making a better living than before.

But, if you are like so many other entrepreneurs, the trouble is that in a flourish of enthusiasm you set off, without preparation, with little or no planning or knowledge of what you are about to do, and with little or no education or training on how to do it.

And suddenly, you’re out there, on your own, ‘swimming with the sharks’.

The authorities are all glaring at you, the tax man, Companies House, the VAT man, the ICO, all shouting about late registration, late returns, and penalties for non-compliance. And, maybe your bank is giving you grief too if things are not running smoothly with your finances.

If money is a problem, and there is no prospect of being paid, then your accountant will not want to become involved or talk to you, nor your solicitor if you’re being chased by creditors.

Help . . . . What do you do, and who do you turn to?

Your world is suddenly turning upside down, your dreams and aspirations about your brilliant new business, shattered.

You are worse off now than you ever were before.

Rewind . . . . .

Help Is At Hand

If you are going to set up in business on your own, then there is certain basic information that you need to know and act on.

It is that simple.

There are things that you need to do, in the right way, at the right time, and in the right order.

But get these things wrong, and the authorities will be down on you like a ton of bricks, endeavouring to enforce compliance, and the cost to you in penalties can often be significant.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse”

You need to know about the rules of business in enough detail to make decisions - the right decisions.

Where Are You Getting Your Ideas And Advice From?

The Internet is saturated with vast amounts of misinformation - sales letters, and stories, that all make it sound as though the Internet business is easy money.

That, as an Internet marketer, you no longer have to get up and go to work each day, that you can simply work when you feel like it, have no cares, no worries, and that you can still make a good living, doing not a lot.

That is just not true.

As someone who has been through the process I am astonished, even horrified, at some of the claims I’ve seen on the Internet.

All they do is focus on the prize money, and deliberately dismiss the ‘grunt’ - the rules, regulations and disciplines that you need to properly understand and comply with.

And some of information you are given is confusing and wrong.

Some of the nonsense I have seen posted on various forums is unbelievable – given in innocence I know, but it is downright wrong and could get you into serious trouble.

As with any legal, financial or accounting advice, you should always seek qualified professional help and support.

It came as a real shock when I first heard that, according to some reliable and informed sources, over 90% of all Internet marketing business start-ups will fail within the first 120 days (yes - one hundred and twenty days).

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I know, personally, a number of successful Internet marketers, and yes, they do make a very good living, but also they are dedicated, hard-working individuals who run their businesses properly, and absolutely according to the law.

And, “yes”, it is precisely because of all this misinformation, and the lack of comprehensive and easily understood guides on these matters, that I had my arm twisted, literally, and was coerced into compiling this report - to demystify and help you, and others like you, understand what it is you should be doing, how you should do it, and when.

Introducing . . .

“The Internet Marketers Survival Guide on Setting-up your Business”

All the information you need, together, in one place.

This new outline report, produced both as a written and an audio guide, has been put together especially for Internet marketing entrepreneurs like you, to explore, reveal and explain, what you should do when venturing down the road of starting or running your own business.

This report is not about ‘marketing’, but about making sure you set up your business correctly, and comply with your legal obligations, so you don’t trip up along the way - so you can grow your business without mishap and become successful.

Even if you’ve been at it some while, and find the management and growth of the business are proving difficult, then it is likely you’ve missed a vital step or two along the way.

There is a substantial chance that your business can accomplish significantly more than you realise. But, to do so, you need to be doing the right things the right way and in the right order.

This report covers these 12 critical things you should know about when starting up or running your own business.

Understand the different business structures – how should you trade? Get this wrong and it could destroy your personal assets overnight.

What money should you take out – do you know how to optimise your take-home pay?

VAT - at which point should you register? Get this wrong and you could unexpectedly be giving away 20% of your turnover to the HMRC.

Cross-border selling - do you understand the new EU rules effective from January 2015?

Data protection – the penalties for inadequate data protection procedures could cost you big time.

Employment regulations – do you know the status of those working with, or for, you? Heavy penalties and costs could be in incurred if you get this one wrong – and this is an area that HMRC are currently cracking down on at the moment.

Outsourcing – how safe is this and what precautions should you take?

Accounting and record-keeping – what, and for how long? What accounting software? Some basics you need to get sorted at the start.

What information do you have to disclose to the public, and what can you keep private

What data returns are you required to submit to regulatory bodies? How often, and when?

Do you need to appoint an accountant? And if so, how do you find the professional who is ‘exactly right’ for you and your business?

Should you put in place your terms and conditions?

These, and many more questions, can be answered
by reading this report

And, because it is so important that you, and thousands of other entrepreneurs like you, need to know this information, the guide has been written in a ‘light and easy to understand’ language - not as a technical and ‘jargon heavy’ product – and I’ve spent hours and hours wading through, and collating, loads of technical stuff so you don’t have to.

Why should you listen
to me?

Well, having taken up Internet marketing myself, and selling my own information products online, I have spent a lot of time in gatherings, events and meetings, discussing with like-minded individuals, their progress, their successes, their trials, and tribulations.

What surprises me most is how often these well-intentioned people

started off with the notion that Internet marketing is ‘easy money’. And what is more interesting, is the differences in the attitudes and actions of those that are truly succeeding, compared to those that make little headway, stall, and eventually give up.

Prior to the sale of my business and a change of career to Internet marketing I was a chartered accountant with 27 years of experience specialising in helping businesses grow and flourish.

I ran my own extremely successful practice with more than a dozen people working for me from two offices. My clients ranged from successful one-man businesses right up to the big boys earning millions.

My passion is, and has always been, to help businesses develop, grow, and become successful, and now, in the Internet marketing world, this passion is as strong as ever.

And here are seven good reasons you need to download this report immediately:

  • It is never too soon to learn about these critical necessities of running a business properly
  • The 92 page report can be read and referred to many times until you know what’s going on
  • The audio can be listened to ‘on the move’ at any time – something many entrepreneurs find a real plus if you’ve little time to sit down and read the full report – and it can be played over and over to lock down the facts
  • The report has been produced in a light and ‘easy to understand’ language, with little or no jargon
  • It contains many links to websites you may find useful.
  • Saves you huge amounts of time having to sift through reams of information yourself to find out what is important and what is not
  • Quickly adjust and trim your business, to avoid disappointment and failure, by understanding fully what in this report.

NOTE: This report is set out to primarily address UK internet businesses, but the report applies equally to entrepreneurs setting up or running any type of business in the UK.

Also, the basic parameters and concepts apply to business entrepreneurs elsewhere in the world, especially if trading with the UK or setting up UK subsidiaries.

So what is your investment to grab all this important information, pulled together for you in one place, information that will help you avoid business disasters, minimise your tax, and maximise your chances of success when setting out in the world of Internet business?

Well, an appointment with a qualified accountant or other professional, to discuss and understand all this material, would probably cost you £300 minimum. And that’s just the first meeting!

So this report has got to be worth at least that.

But because it is so important to me that entrepreneurs like you get every possible chance to succeed in your business, especially when often at the start funds are short, I am offering you this report, and £210 worth of bonuses (that’s a total value of £510)
for just a fraction of that . . . just


Save yourself from future business problems and financial pain, and make your business a success by getting this 92 page report today - simply click on the link above.

Plus, when you invest in “The Internet Marketers Survival Guide on Setting-up in Business” today, you’ll also receive the following bonuses free of charge!

Special Bonus Number 1

How to plan better profits before you even sell one product with the ‘Incorporation and Dividend Calculator’

‘Doing the numbers’ is always a bit mind-boggling when you’re not sure of all the component parts and how they react in different situations – especially when planning ahead.

But now this online calculator, specially designed for this report, can show you the financial implications of choosing between being incorporated or not.

Plus, by adjusting the figures yourself, the calculator will reveal how best to balance your income, salaries and dividends to minimise your tax bill – why let the taxman take more than he has to?

Whether already in business, or just starting out, having access to this calculator alone could save you money and be worth more to you than the cost of the report itself.

Special Bonus Number 2

Learn and Earn on the Move by listening to the Complete Audio of the Business Building Report

If you’re having difficulty finding time to read the report, then why not listen to the full report on this added audio file – download it to your portable player and make use of that spare time in the car, or when out exercising, or even during your daily commute.

Special Bonus Number 3

Save money by registering your own company using these Specially Prepared Check-sheets to make it easier for you

Getting ‘timed out’ when trying to register for something online, simply because you are scratching around looking for the right information, is both frustrating and infuriating, especially if you have to start all over again.

Use these comprehensive check sheets to ensure you have all the right information, prepared and to hand as you need it. Then you can’t go wrong, or get ‘timed out’.

PLUS - Special Bonus Number 4

A ‘step by step’ video taking you through setting up a company for yourself

Why pay extra, when it is so quick and easy to do it yourself online. Getting your accountant or lawyer to set up your company can cost hundreds – doing it yourself will cost you just a fraction of that . . . . and only takes about 10 minutes even if you’ve never done it before.

Just watch the video, complete the check sheets included above, and you should find the task quick and simple – and you will have the confidence to do it again with your next business too.

You get immediate access to your FOUR
special bonuses

That’s a total bonus value of £210 you receive, with my compliments, when you invest in “The Internet Marketers Survival Guide on Setting-up in Business” today.

Remember, everyone has choices to make in life.

You can choose to close this window and not invest in “The Internet Marketers Survival Guide on Setting-up in Business”


You can invest in YOURSELF . . . . and request a copy of “The Internet Marketers Survival Guide on Setting-up in Business” today.

Doing so will give you peace of mind, having access to knowing exactly how to set up and structure your internet business to provide you with

  • a business structure that works efficiently for you
  • a controlled plan to optimise your ‘take home’ money
  • a strategy that minimises what the taxman can extract off you
  • the knowledge to ensure compliance with business red tape

And, knowing you’ve got the basics right, gives you peace of mind and the time to get on with the serious side of the business uninterrupted - making more money.

So, BUY your copy of “The Internet Marketers Survival Guide on Setting-up in Business” NOW.

I urge you to make the right choice and invest in yourself and get the CORRECT information about setting up your internet business or restructuring your current business if you are already up and running.

Just think about the peace of mind you’ll have AND the extra profits in your bank account.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Richard Calderwood

PS. I know that few entrepreneurs find the accounting and structuring of your business as sexy as the latest traffic technique or new list building method, BUT . . . it is still VITAL you get these elements right. Getting them wrong could prove a costly mistake, but getting them right, now, for the future could save you thousands in the tax you pay, which is all more money on the bottom line and more ‘profit in your pocket’.


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